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Inspired by The World of Wakanda, M.A.C introduces the Black Panther Collection.

You don’t have to be a Superhero to amplify the grace and grit of a Wakanda warrior like those who’ll be seen in Marvel Studios’ Black Panther. The strength of the Black Panther exists in you and with the Marvel Studios’ Black Panther Collection By M.A.C, you get to create your own epic moments. “Like the vibrant world of Wakanda, #MACxWakandaForever features lavish, saturated hues that look fantastic on everyone especially those with rich skin tones,” says Fatima Thomas, Senior Artist. “I’m   looking forward to creating looks for every occasion with this collection.” Wakanda Forever continues to grow, it makes sense that this limited-edition collection goes far beyond the ordinary-not only in impact and attitude but in formulation and technology as well. Keep your eyes on the prize with Eye Shadow x 8: Marvel Studios’ Black Panther Collection By M.A.C, an…

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Nubian Roc.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful place in Africa called Nubia with dark red to brown to black skin people. It had rich deposits of gold and was a gateway for all luxury products to and from other parts of Africa. Nubia had women rulers and represented an elite culturally diverse society. The name Nubian Roc was born…

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Robyn Kramer wins Product of the Year in the care & Beauty sector in Italy.

Robyn Kramer recently participated in Italy’s best known international showcase for organic and natural products, the 34th SANA International Exhibition for Organic and Natural Products in Bologna.   It was at this point that emerging universal trends aligned with the core values that Robyn has always held as an innovative Health and Beauty business owner.  Voila… after seven years, Robyn was in…

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The ever evolving ODYSSEUS SHIRINDZA.

The thing about this new generation of talented designers is that they don’t shy away from creativity in the service of self-expression, and they still aim to answer some of life’s thornier questions.For Odysseus Shirindza, favors a contemporary and constantly evolving style that like his way of life. As a young African and successful designer, he gives himself space to explore…

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Kirsten Goss Jewellery store opens at Hyde Park Corner

Kirsten Goss (KG) is an independent jewellery design company specialising in locally manufactured, high-end, every-day jewellery for the independently minded, discerning wearer. The company opened its doors in London 19 years ago and subsequently opened four shops in South Africa. Kirsten designs and conceptualises all the work and the collections are manufactured by an in-house team of goldsmiths, using a variety of unusual gemstones and…

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