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That For Guy Shop gives voice to local cookbook authors.

The call to give more voices in the publishing industry a platform has been heard and that gap in the market closed. That Food Guy Shop®, a division of That Food Guy Group®, is the new home for local and international publications, long format and short format cookbooks, food news and much more. So often talented people miss opportunities merely because they…

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Spring Into Starbucks!

With the welcome change in season, it’s time to gear up or wind down for a few months of pre-summer fun. So, now you can spring into action, relaxation, health, pumpkin spiced taste adventures, cool conversations, sensational sundowners, your hard-working week, or the weekend jol with all we’ve got on offer at your local Starbucks.  Whatever the weather, let’s celebrate…

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A brand-new Starbucks South Africa retail experience is now open in Fourways Gardens.

A brand-new Starbucks South Africa retail experience is now open in Fourways Gardens, part of the fastest-developing commercial and residential hub north of Johannesburg.  This city within a city is already home to a variety of businesses, golf clubs, kids and adult entertainment centres, superb eateries, weekend markets, outdoor cultural events and equestrian estates and schools. Now, to top it all,…

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Just Teddy.

The story behind any brand is fascinating but the story behind Just Teddy – Fine Boulangerie & Pâtisserie is nothing short of remarkable. This book is a project that has been in the making for a long time, writing itself over the years without the Zaki family even being aware of it. Now, Teddy Zaki (who some of you will remember…

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CHEF TASTITUDE shares a recipe.

Ingredients: • 10g Gelatine  • 125 ml Mixed Berry fruit juice • 250 ml Mixed Berry Yogurt  • 250 ml cream cream  • 5 ml spearmint food flavouring • 125 ml Raspberries, crushed • 50 ml icing sugar  Method: 1. Hydrate gelatine. Mix the gelatine and juice together in a bowl and let it swell for 10 mins to form…

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Shalom Muthivhi shares her recipes.

Teriyaki Chicken 500g deboned Chicken thighs – cubed 1 tsp sesame oil  2 tsp vegetable oil 1/4 Cup light soy sauce 1 Tbsp Rice Vinegar  1/4 Cup water  2 Garlic  cloves – diced 1 tsp Ginger – crushed  2 Tbsp Honey 1 Tbsp Brown sugar Salt n pepper Sesame seeds Method  Pat the chicken thighs pieces dry with paper towels…

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