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The Bapedi tribe, also known as the Pedi people, serves as a brilliant example of this diversity. A treasure of Traditions, Customs, and History  that make up South Africa’s Rich Cultural history. The Bapedi people are found in the provinces of Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and in Gauteng. They have a deeply ingrained culture that reflects their agrarian way of life, spiritual beliefs,…

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Maximize your 24 hours in LUSAKA.

The mention of Lusaka city quickly steers up memories of struggles for independence and generally early civilization and trade in the country. Today, Lusaka’s Cairo road remains a very popular road running from Lusaka to Johannesburg.  Lusaka, founded in 1913 is known mainly for being capital of Government and commerce in Zambia, with a population approximated at 3.3 million as…

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