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Made to be Fit.

Fit is the new fabulous! Hyde Park Corner is the venue for Fitness Market hosted by SWT which is headed up by well-known personal trainer Thato Manaka. As self-confessed health fanatic with more than a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Thato has put together a programme of classes which will take place on the Hyde Park Corner P2 Rooftop Parking…

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To find a job, you need more than a thick skin, you also need healthy skin.

Job seekers and employees worry about a thousand things—from wearing the right clothes and saying appropriate things during a first interview, to performing their responsibilities and duties well once employed. People with psoriasis worry about one more thing-their skin. Healthy, clear skin can make a positive and lasting first impression. Red, itchy, scaly skin,hat sheds all over the furniture can…

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NEW PODCAST series maps the journey and purpose of modern psychiatry and mental wellness.

Johannesburg: A new podcast series that maps not only the practical aspects of psychiatry, but also its purpose and shares a broader view on the service and outcomes that the discipline provides to society. The podcast series Beyond Madness, hosted by founder and editor in chief of South African Psychiatry Professor Christopher Paul Szabo, intends to share the narrative of the discipline and…

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