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Afrimaxx, DW launches a weekly TV & VoD format that focuses on modern lifestyle for a young Pan-African target group.

DW partner and co-producer Arena Broadcast in South Africa has added Afrimaxx to its TV lineup on The Home Channel. Presented by South African host and actress Ayanda Thabethe, the TV magazine highlights innovation and inspiration from popular culture in different countries across the continent.  The show introduces up-and-coming artists and cultural figures from the design, music, architecture and gastronomy sectors.…

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Meet the Tshipi hitmaker.

Safe to say, 2021 was a wild ride for all of us. Even those who thought themselves to be somehow insulated from the unending tentacles of a pandemic wound up getting touched in some way. Bunkered in their respective corners of the internet like the rest of us, musicians of all tiers grappled with the need to explore new ways…

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Brand Africa to recognize & rank the “Best Places in Africa” for tourism, investment & citizen mobilisation in Africa.

Brand Africa launched “Africa’s Best Places” the pan-African initiative to recognize and rank the best places for tourism, investment and citizen mobilisation in Africa. The goal of the initiative is to inspire pride, raise the standards and grow the competitiveness of African places – countries, cities and destinations.  The inaugural awards and rankings of the “Brand Africa | Africa’s Best Places” will be celebrated and published on 1…

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Meet the NDEBELE people of South Africa

A large proportion of South African folk are able to speak Ndebele. It is known as a beautiful language, melodic on the ear. It is a Bantu language that is spoken by Ndebele South Africans (who are also sometimes referred to as the amaNdebele). People of the Ndebele culture and language can be found throughout the province of Gauteng. Their…

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Maasai Tribe in Tanzania

Tribes in Tanzania are many in number and one can explore a lot from the rich cultural backgrounds of the different tribes in Tanzania. One can easily say a journey to Tanzania is like going to the beginning, like traveling to ground zero as it has been blessed with cultural diversity. But what you’ll find here aren’t tribes stuck in…

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