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Afrimaxx, DW launches a weekly TV & VoD format that focuses on modern lifestyle for a young Pan-African target group.

DW partner and co-producer Arena Broadcast in South Africa has added Afrimaxx to its TV lineup on The Home Channel. Presented by South African host and actress Ayanda Thabethe, the TV magazine highlights innovation and inspiration from popular culture in different countries across the continent.  The show introduces up-and-coming artists and cultural figures from the design, music, architecture and gastronomy sectors.…

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Thabiso Dakamela.

Who is Thabiso? Thabiso: I am Thabiso Dakamela, born in 1994. My mother is of native Ndebele native from Zimbabwe and my father is Venda from Limpopo. My work owes a lot to the influence from my mother who raised me for the better part of my childhood hence I paint and draw women mostly. I have learnt to draw…

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Home Artist bringing African home decor into focus!

Everyone needs somewhere to work, where creative urges can be explored and energies expended — these inspiring spaces reside happily within domestic interiors, proving that it is possible to combine home with work successfully. Many of us work from home, often in a dedicated study or home office. When it comes to residential workspaces, artists and creatives have quite specific…

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