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Robyn Kramer wins Product of the Year in the care & Beauty sector in Italy.

Robyn Kramer recently participated in Italy’s best known international showcase for organic and natural products, the 34th SANA International Exhibition for Organic and Natural Products in Bologna.   It was at this point that emerging universal trends aligned with the core values that Robyn has always held as an innovative Health and Beauty business owner.  Voila… after seven years, Robyn was in…

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To find a job, you need more than a thick skin, you also need healthy skin.

Job seekers and employees worry about a thousand things—from wearing the right clothes and saying appropriate things during a first interview, to performing their responsibilities and duties well once employed. People with psoriasis worry about one more thing-their skin. Healthy, clear skin can make a positive and lasting first impression. Red, itchy, scaly skin,hat sheds all over the furniture can…

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