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Rosebank Mall supports small businesses – African Craft Market.

The walkways at Rosebank Mall are alive with the colours of beadwork, clothing, jewellery, keepsakes and mementos. Now you can browse and purchase some of the most beautiful arts and crafts in Rosebank. The African Craft Market experience is peppered by memorable encounters with the talented vendors whose passion for their work and for people is as enticing as their art.…

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Thabiso Dakamela.

Who is Thabiso? Thabiso: I am Thabiso Dakamela, born in 1994. My mother is of native Ndebele native from Zimbabwe and my father is Venda from Limpopo. My work owes a lot to the influence from my mother who raised me for the better part of my childhood hence I paint and draw women mostly. I have learnt to draw…

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