With Egypt facing a second wave of the Covid-19, a Mechatronics engineer Mahmoud el-Koumi is currently carrying out trials on a self funded prototype for a remote-controlled robot to assist physicians in running tests on suspected Covid-19 patients.

This move is a bid to limit human interaction and exposure to disease carriers at a private hospital in the Egypt’s Nile Delta city of Tanta. The accomplished engineer explained the early stages of the trial process stating that , before its mission the robot receives training to improve its AI. This training is provided by a specialist doctor , the AI in this training acts like a human doctor.

This robot which was named Cira-03 sports a human-like face and head to put patients at ease and carry out an array of medical procedures including taking blood tests and temperatures, perform echo-cardiograms and X-rays ,and displays these results to patients on a screen attached on its chest.

This smart health assistant administers these diverse tasks while reminding them to wear masks.

Cira-03 AI has also been developed to administer pain free PCR swab tests.

This robot is specifically designed to help the medical stuff during the Covid-19 times and capable to multi- task, it can deal with patients in their beds , chest scans, fever screening and face mask detection.

Hopefully more good news for Egypt as it was the first African country to roll out its Covid-19 nationwide vaccination campaign.