Dj Noisy

Nosipho Msomi, is a club DJ popularly known as DJ Nosiey SA. Her umbilical cord is buried deep in Osindisweni where she was born and raised by the dusty streets of Umkomaas,in  KwaZulu-Natal. 

NOSIEY SA has been snipping the discs for a year now, serenading clubs with much needed authenticity in House music. Being a dancer first before becoming a DJ has made NOSIEY SA an obvious choice for rocking dance floors with her unique sound.

NOSIEY is no stranger to the dance floor as she can pick her own on the dancer floor with her appealing dance moves. After she realized the power a DJ has at turning different sounds and elements and emotionally, physically and spiritually engage with the audience. It was in this instance that she fell in love with being a disc jockey. . 

She obtained her professional qualification from the Creative Arts in 2020 and in 2014 she graduated from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with. 

MiziziYangu got  to know Dj NOSIEY briefly. 

Who has inspired your music?

Dj N: My interest in being a DJ came after listening to DJ Lesoul House Mixtape on Radio FM. I remember I was doing my matric year at that time and it was a stressful year for me because of exams we had to prepare. DJ Lesoul’s house mix were incredible and very unique, her house mix use to play on Saturdays evening, I knew that time I will leave everything and go dance for an hour that she played on radio. Her music brought so much power and energy  in my dance moves. I would sweat profusely while dancing to her music. Her music inspired me a lot because not only did it make me dance but it created so much joy in me and lessened stress of my upcoming exams. Her music had so much power and magicover my emotions. As a dancer I also wanted to have that kind of magic to make people dance and feel in a certain way that will make them feel better, I wanted to create the same magic and make people dance on dance floor. DJ Lesoul inspired me into loving house music, she encouraged me that we as female artists can also be recognized in the industry, hearing a female DJ taking over the show on Radio FM really inspired me a lot and also to not give up in what I have always wanted which was to become a DJ.  Music has played an immense role in my love of dance as i also grew up listening to different genres of music. 

Where do you see NOSIEY in the next two years?

Dj N: In the next two years I see myself not just as a DJ but also a sound producer, I see Nosipho being more involved in the music industry and entertainment. The main aim is to build my brand and expand it to the marketing industry, be an asset to my company. This year I started running my small entertainment company that service sound equipment,provides Dj services and a photography. In the next two years I see my company expendanding more into full time intertainment company. 

What is Nosipho favourite holiday destination in Africa? 

Dj N: My favourite holiday destination in Africa have to be Durban, which is in Kwazulu-Natal (South Africa). Durban is known for the idyllic beaches of the golden mile, it’s the world – class surf sports and active Indian community. I enjoy going to the beach and Durban has the best beaches around that you can go too. My favourite one have to be beach front for many reasons, it has warm water, good waves, and I love taking walk on beach especially in the morning. There’s so much fun activities around the area such as going to Shaka Marine world and game reserves as well. It is also the  best destination for foodies and it caters traditional food therefore, Durban is the perfect place for me. Durban has full of amazing restaurants and bars. I love a beautiful places that have fun  and entertainment and beautiful beaches and Durbanprovides just that. 

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