Sandra Mabuto

On scorching hot days saying it’s a challenge to keep our beauty game on point s definitely an understatement. Keeping your skin fresh, hair healthy and make up sweat proof can be a chore. We are always curious to get a peek inside (and beauty cabinets) of some of our favorite beauticians particularly one with the glowing skin as Sandra Mabuto.

She gives us some of her fuss free go to beauty tips and tricks.

How exciting was it launching your beauty product for the first time?

SM: Oh my word! I was extremely excited. I guess ecstatic sums it up for me. God’s timing is always right, you can’t falter it. 

We are now in the summer season, from your make up range which foundation would you recommend?

SM: Well we have a cream foundation and a liquid foundation. In fact both foundations are perfect for summer due to the fact that they each accommodate different skin types. The fact that our summer seasons in Africa are hot, both foundations will still give you a full coverage because they have a built in serum and concealer not forgetting how light and silky it feels on the skin and it moisturizes too.

Why is it important to wash off make up before we sleep?

SM: It’s not recommended at all to sleep with any makeup on your face because firstly, makeup can trap dirt and environmental pollutants inside the skin, and this type of environmental stress can result in increased free radicals which can cause DNA mutations, collagen degradation, and, over time, can result in premature aging not forgetting the acne breakouts and the eyes get inflamed and irritated, the pores get blocked and the skin ends up looking dull.

Compressed or Loose Powder and why?

SM: These powders are actually sisters, they complement each other very well. Pressed powder is fantastic to use after makeup so the makeup does not cake and shine whereas the loose powder is fantastic to keep the shine at bay. So you can use both one after the other. It’s hard not to have both.

What is your favourite lipstick colour from your range?

SM: My signature red lip is #33 I call it the Mabutolicious red. It stays on the whole day because it’s matt and for those who want to add a clear gloss on they too can. The lipstick is a must have. Mabutolicious Cosmetics has various beautiful colors for lips and they suit any skin tone.

Mabutolicious red #33

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