Now that vacay time is over, and motorists are preparing to get back to work, school and university, it may be time for a post-road-trip check to get your car Janu-ready, and prevent expensive repairs in an already tough month.

Road trips are always enjoyable, and inexpensive when compared to air travel, but it takes its toll on your car. South Africa’s trusted battery specialists have compiled a short, easy checklist to help you get your car ready to go for the year.

Clean car, happy driver

Nobody likes a dirty car, and after a long journey, your car may be littered with crumbs, snack wrappers and other remnants of your road trip. Start with an exterior wash to get rid of bugs and dust, and move inside—where you can vacuum, clear out cupholders and recycle what you can.

Safe tyres, safe drives

Long journeys wear the tread of your tyres down and pick up road debris. Have your tyres checked for slow punctures, and ensure they have enough tread. Specialist-tip: Tyre manufacturers have included built-in wear indicators at several points across their tyres. These wear indicators are in the form of a little, raised bump in the tread, and lets motorists know how much tread is left, and when replacement is necessary. 

Lubricated engine, smoother drives

For your car to run efficiently, the engine requires oil, water and coolant. After a long journey, be sure to check the oil and coolant levels are as they should be. This can prevent any unexpected breakdowns, or costly repairs.

Healthy battery, healthy car

Your battery is at the heart of your engine, and many components rely on a working battery to function effectively. There’s many ways to get a new battery, you could either buy one and fit it yourself, or you can visit South Africa’s trusted battery specialists (Battery Centre) and have them check your battery, alternator and starter for free.