Established in 2017, OKGH (Pty) Ltd, is a multi-service company that provides services to clients in the Southern Africa region. Trading as Okuhle Digital, the company is a leading provider in the technology space – offering innovative solutions to clients in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Uganda. In 2017, the company’s tagline was “Your innovation partner for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” This was at a time when 4IR and related innovations were relatively new to the country as fields of expertise and, given the backgrounds of those at the helm, the most natural entry point into real entrepreneurship. Since then, the tagline has evolved to “Redefining Digital” which is what the company aims to do.

We speak directly with the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Okuhle Digital, Zamokuhle Ntuli.

“With an ailing economy such as ours, which consists of record unemployment, it’s safe to say that something needs to change. We need a new way of doing things, approaching problems and devising solutions. That’s where Okuhle Digitals comes comes in. We pride ourselves in our ability to do things better. We’re different but we want to ensure different becomes the new normal. Had Einstein not been different we would know nothing about relativity. We don’t think outside the box, we have done away with the box entirely. This mindset helps us to evolve and innovate. We are dedicated, not only to creating jobs and impacting our economy positively by creating futureproof employment opportunities, but to further inclusion in the digital landscape of South Africa for Small to Medium Enterprises.”

 “We put people first, we began this journey with a mind to helping SMEs. How often do you see a poster for a small business and the linked email address to contact them is a gmail or yahoo or other account. When we broke down why this was the case, we realised that there is inadequate information out there for small business owners when it comes to really creating a brand. What was equally distressing to find out was that, even if they knew about brand management, the market priced them out of key tools that would be important for building said brand. That’s why Okuhle Digital provides best-in-class services at SME friendly prices – because inclusion matters.”

 “We realised that income for a number of people would be limited and that helping these people to more actively participate in the gig economy would be forward momentum for us as people as well as for our business. So, we ran a special which has subsequently become a permanent feature of Okuhle Digital. We build non-ecommerce websites for free. All a person has to do is register their domain with us then select a qualifying hosting package or anything above that and that’s it, we start working. We didn’t want affordability to hamper progress for those who were trying to start or grow their small businesses and this was really the only way we saw we could make a meaningful, sustainable contribution.

Applying their ethos of ‘hard work brings results’, Okuhle Digital has managed to secure competitive opportunities over the years for their services. Most notable are the Department of Science and Innovation where the company manages the ESASTAP website, digital communications and Social Media (among other things); The Office of the Valuer-General, where the company manages their website and Agrément South Africa where they are responsible for their website.They were also responsible for website development, graphic design and social media management for Thabo ‘Tbo’ Touch’s educational endeavour, the International Institute of Broadcasting launched in 2021.

To be able to achieve the results they do, Okuhle Digital took time to establish themselves with known and established digital brands. The company is an accredited Domain Registrar with ZACR, South Africa’s administrator of the co.za domain name system. Okuhle Digital is also a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider.

Okuhle Digital aims to be a catalyst in communities of customers, contributors, businesses and partners by creating better technology at prices that allow the participation of sections of the population who are otherwise priced-out of innovation initiatives with a view to contribute to digital inclusion. Any and all growth of the company will be in service of that mission.

For more information about their services visit Okuhle Digital.