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Princess Lerato to launch The Baphiring Psychosocial Support Centre.

HRH Princess Lerato M Foundation in collaboration with Baphiring Traditional Authority (as well as support from wonderful sponsors), will be launching Baphiring Psychosocial support centre at Mabaalstad village within Moses Kotane local municipality in the North West Province.  The centre will offer services such as, Counselling, Support Groups, Mental Health Education & Awareness Campaigns as well as Home Based Care…

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The different ways of using collective investing in real estate in South Africa: crowdfunding versus stokvels by Scott Picken CEO and Founder Wealth Migrate.

Investors currently have two main options to pool funds together with people or businesses to invest in real estate. Whether it’s a stokvel or crowdfunding, this is based on a principle that uses the collective buying power of a group to ensure that each participating individual can attain ownership of a property. This levels the playing field for investors,especially in circumstances…

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