Princess Lerato M

HRH Princess Lerato M Foundation in collaboration with Baphiring Traditional Authority (as well as support from wonderful sponsors), will be launching Baphiring Psychosocial support centre at Mabaalstad village within Moses Kotane local municipality in the North West Province. 

The centre will offer services such as, Counselling, Support Groups, Mental Health Education & Awareness Campaigns as well as Home Based Care Services to the residents of Mabaalstad and neighbouring villages.These services are provided by a team consisting of a resident Social worker and dedicated Community Care Workers (volunteers) with the aim to assist manage mental illnesses, educate people and raise awareness regarding mental health, as well as debunking myths and stigmas surrounding mental health in order to reach the objective of having mentally healthy and thriving individuals and communities.

This is an exciting venture as the foundation envisions to partner with other Traditional/Tribal Authorities to establish more of such centres across rural South Africa.

The event also hopes to create a fertile ground for discussions, between government, Royal Leadership, private companies, NGOs  and members of society regarding strategies and solutions needed to combat mental health challenges in South Africa.