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Fattis & Monis Giving Children the Freedom to Create with The Collect-A-Pack Initiative.

South Africa’s most delicious and authentic pasta, Fattis & Monis, continues to change the lives of communities in which it operates through its Collect-A-Pack initiative. The campaign’s goal is to motivate students in primary and secondary schools to gather as many empty Fattis and Monis packs as they can in order to win prizes for both themselves and their schools. The initiative being…

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Thabiso Dakamela.

Who is Thabiso? Thabiso: I am Thabiso Dakamela, born in 1994. My mother is of native Ndebele native from Zimbabwe and my father is Venda from Limpopo. My work owes a lot to the influence from my mother who raised me for the better part of my childhood hence I paint and draw women mostly. I have learnt to draw…

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