South Africa’s most delicious and authentic pasta, Fattis & Monis, continues to change the lives of communities in which it operates through its Collect-A-Pack initiative. The campaign’s goal is to motivate students in primary and secondary schools to gather as many empty Fattis and Monis packs as they can in order to win prizes for both themselves and their schools. The initiative being led by 130 schools in Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Botswana. The Fattis & Monis Collect-A-Packinitiative has redefined the perception of plastic by encouraging creativity through recycling. In support of the fact that creativity is a place without limits, the learners have learnt to view meals with Fattis & Monis as an opportunity to enrich their bodies, showoff their creative flair while taking care of the environment. 

Thembi Sehlolo, Marketing Director at Fattis & Monis South Africa

“Parents, teachers and guardians partner with Fattis & Monis to preserve our future leaders’ and giving them the energy  to  do more for their school. For this reason, we find the learners who participate in our Collect-A-Pack program are more inclined to explore their world and their dreams without fear. This starts in their communities where they collect and become change and environmental leaders,” says Thembi Sehloho, Marketing Director at Fattis & Monis South Africa. 

This environmental leadership in schools is an integral part of the enterprise development leg of the Fattis & Monis Collect-A-Pack initiative. With over 75 000 learners participating in the program,  Eco plastic bricks have been created and used across the country to build and refurbish school facilities. The Eco plastic bricks are strong, durable and water-resistant; perfectly suitable for construction. This upcycling of waste material has given the communities who participate in the program increased pride as they recognise the value of the cost-effective bricks that empower them and their children to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills across South Africa.

“We continue to be in awe of our learners, their parents and  teachers who encourage them to make a tangible difference in their communities. Every child who participates in our program embodies the brand’s mantra of ‘freedom to create’. While remaining fuller for longer after a Fattis & Moni’s meal, we see the physical benefits as we encourage them to make positive choices when it comes to their nutritional and physical health,” continues Sehloho. 

This Collect-A-Pack campaign is designed to create a new generation of environmental champions.  Fattis & Moni’s continues to take immediate steps to address its impact on the environment.  Being  aware of the World Wide Fund for Nature report details that South African’s throw an estimated 109,000 tonnes of plastic a year, requires the brand to continues in its efforts to educate and empower its consumers.  With South African generating 41kg of plastic waste per person a year, far more than the global average of 29kg, Fattis & Moni’s continues to ensure it takes full responsibility of its products – from factory to consumer.