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CHEF TASTITUDE shares a recipe.

Ingredients: • 10g Gelatine  • 125 ml Mixed Berry fruit juice • 250 ml Mixed Berry Yogurt  • 250 ml cream cream  • 5 ml spearmint food flavouring • 125 ml Raspberries, crushed • 50 ml icing sugar  Method: 1. Hydrate gelatine. Mix the gelatine and juice together in a bowl and let it swell for 10 mins to form…

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Delectable Kitchen Vibes.

They’re definitely on a quest to present the authentic taste of Africa. Kitchen Vibes has become an African culinary and cultural hotspot. It is set in the upmarket and vibrant suburb of Morningside , Sandton. Kitchen vibes is a pan African restaurant that sells food from four regions, North, West, East and South and their guests come from all over…

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