Kitchen Vibes Morningside

They’re definitely on a quest to present the authentic taste of Africa. Kitchen Vibes has become an African culinary and cultural hotspot. It is set in the upmarket and vibrant suburb of Morningside , Sandton. Kitchen vibes is a pan African restaurant that sells food from four regions, North, West, East and South and their guests come from all over Africa.

The pursuit of authenticity has always been the drive and inspiration for Kitchen Vibes. This restaurant has already hosted African diplomats and celebrities alike. African cuisine has definitely changed over the years. There is no ending as to what you can do with African dishes. There is always a twist and turn to how to make the taste of African dishes go to the next level. The best thing about Kitchen Vibes is how they try to merge different African dishes to give you that unforgettable experience.

African Cuisine

Kitchen vibes basically takes you down history lane and the remembrance of our cultural heritage, the entrance reminds us of our strong iconic leaders that has paved way for Africa diaspora. The natural airy and African ambience is definitely something memorable. The palatable foods and the beautiful soundtrack for a relaxing moment create a whole beautiful experience.

Kitchen Vibes is currently on the world of expanding to other areas and environs spreading all over Africa and bringing other African dishes to your door steps.

The resident Chef Uju gives us an insight into some of the delectable dishes the hotspot offers.

Chef Uju

Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is slow cooked with tomatoes,redpeppers,habaneros and spices, it is by far our best selling dish.The is still a jolly war between Ghana and Nigeria on whose jolly taste better.We have an event coming up to settle this dispute once and for all.Jollof is the healthiest type of cooked rice because its cooked in an extremely nutritional sauce and it has the lowest calories of all rice.

Pepper Soup

Pepper soup is from eastern part of Nigeria that has vastly spread all over West Africa for its medical benefits when served hot.It’s spices tackles colds and congestion and gives you relief.It’s nutritional values are Zinc,Protein,Camphene,Manganese,Alkaloids,Folic Acid VitA,B1,B2,C and E.

Okro Soup

Okro soup is basically made from Okra,Palm Oil,Dried Fish and the spices.It is also our best sellers which can be served with Pap,Poundo Yam or Eba.This is another dish that has a lot of other health benefits.It contains Antioxidants,lower Heart Disease risk, contains Anti Cancer properties.