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#AbsaSmallBizFriday brought to you by NSBC AFRICA gives every person the opportunity of boosting a small business.

Make a big deal out of small businesses with #AbsaSmallBizFriday. For the 11th year in a row, South Africans have come together in a spirit of “each one, reach one”, and to show the world how important small businesses and entrepreneurs are to our country and the greater global economy. Mike Anderson, Founder & CEO of the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), says…

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Local first-time author, DEVON BROUGH writes guidebook to healing and transformation – Get OVA It!

A powerful word which is drenched in hopelessness. By definition, ‘stuck’ is the inability to move from a particular position or place, or the inability to change a situation. It’s also the word that defined Devon Brough’s early adulthood. Get OVA It documents the story of this passionate first-time South African author’s harrowing journey which began to go horribly awry at…

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A ride not to miss in Nairobi.

Kenya’s capital Nairobi, a city that is rapidly growing in the Eastern Africa region, with a unique identity cemented in its public transport sector. With a population of slightly over 4 million people, movement from one part of Nairobi to another is facilitated by many buses popularly known as Matatus. Over time, the Matatu industry has evolved from a simple…

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