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The W-Spot is pressing play on women’s power, during perimenopause and menopause.

From puberty to pregnancy, childbirth to motherhood, and all the pauses in between, it seems there’s not a decade where women don’t go through intense physical, emotional, and mental changes. And that’s before we add the daily life stressors of school, work, family, and society to the mix.  Let’s face it. Women rarely talk about their health experiences, no matter…

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Princess Lerato to launch The Baphiring Psychosocial Support Centre.

HRH Princess Lerato M Foundation in collaboration with Baphiring Traditional Authority (as well as support from wonderful sponsors), will be launching Baphiring Psychosocial support centre at Mabaalstad village within Moses Kotane local municipality in the North West Province.  The centre will offer services such as, Counselling, Support Groups, Mental Health Education & Awareness Campaigns as well as Home Based Care…

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NEW PODCAST series maps the journey and purpose of modern psychiatry and mental wellness.

Johannesburg: A new podcast series that maps not only the practical aspects of psychiatry, but also its purpose and shares a broader view on the service and outcomes that the discipline provides to society. The podcast series Beyond Madness, hosted by founder and editor in chief of South African Psychiatry Professor Christopher Paul Szabo, intends to share the narrative of the discipline and…

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