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The financial and strategic advantages of owning your own office space.

In the world of business, decisions should be driven by both short-term gains and long-term sustainability. When it comes to choosing a workspace, business owners are increasingly recognising the financial and strategic advantages of owning their office space. Investing in your own business premises, such as the office spaces available at The Pinnacle (part of the Investicore portfolio) in Cape…

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Mauritius remains attractive to South African looking for lifestyle, property & investments security.

As more South Africans seek a change of scenery to live, work or invest in, Mauritius continues to feature high on the list. Since the sharp uptick in demand for property in Mauritius since 2021, the tropical island remains attractive for its natural beauty, hospitable tax regime, security, and liberal property market.   Therefore, according to Park Lane Properties head of…

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A new life to live @Sandton Apartments Homes.

If you’ve driven through Benmore Gardens in Sandton, you would likely have noticed an impressive high-rise building with a red @ marking the pinnacle of the structure. This is Acsiopolis – pronounced {ak-shop-oh-liss} – which means ‘city of worth’ in Greek. Home to @Sandton-Apartments and @Sandton-Hotel, the Acsiopolis Building is the first multi-used lifestyle precinct in South Africa which includes a 561-room luxury hotel, 480…

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