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SOKO District starts new year by pulling up their socks and leading by example.

It’s a new year filled with opportunities to make a positive impact in your community!SOKO District in Rosebank Mall is walking the talk with their #LoveLocal campaign to SUPPORT OUR KIDS OUT THERE. SOKO District’s goal is to fill a need which is often overlooked. A lot of initiatives are focusing on the supply of school shoes, school bags and stationery; whereas SOKO District has…

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How a Love Affair With Workwear Became a Thriving Fashion Business

Founder, Kayla Stamboul has made a point of focussing on commercializing high-end fashion while making it accessible to everyday modern women and recently expanding to open a store in Rosebank Mall’s SOKO District. This is her brand story. “I’ve always loved fashion; I don’t recall a time in my life when I wasn’t enthralled by everything about clothing. In hindsight it…

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