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Supersonic connects the girls & boys club in Soweto with Super-Fast Internet.

The world as we know it is constantly changing, and one of the fundamental drivers is digital transformation. At its core, digital transformation is about the internet. It’s about using the latest technology to do what you already do – only better. Therefore, Supersonic believes and has committed itself to leading Mzansi to a digital economy that will enable people of…

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Local first-time author, DEVON BROUGH writes guidebook to healing and transformation – Get OVA It!

A powerful word which is drenched in hopelessness. By definition, ‘stuck’ is the inability to move from a particular position or place, or the inability to change a situation. It’s also the word that defined Devon Brough’s early adulthood. Get OVA It documents the story of this passionate first-time South African author’s harrowing journey which began to go horribly awry at…

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