The world as we know it is constantly changing, and one of the fundamental drivers is digital transformation. At its core, digital transformation is about the internet. It’s about using the latest technology to do what you already do – only better. Therefore, Supersonic believes and has committed itself to leading Mzansi to a digital economy that will enable people of today and future generations to be at par with the rest of the world by embracing the digital revolution. For that reason, Supersonic found it important that they invest in future leaders, future digital entrepreneurs and the youth that will be holding the forte driving us into the next level digital economy. By ushering the youth into the age of accessible connectivity and levelling the playing field by providing them with a real, real internet connection. 

The pandemic put lenses on the digital divide that further disadvantages learners across the country, especially those in disadvantaged areas. Who couldn’t fully embrace and navigate the online approach due to the lack of tools, internet affordability and accessibility. Therefore as a brand that is passionate about the youth and keeping communities connected It was important that Supersonic partners with stakeholders across the country that speak to youth development and programmes and that are invested in ensuring that the youth excels and is on a path to long-term productive and meaningful education, skills and experiences, in order for them to thrive.

In that Supersonic has joined forces with The Boys & Girls Club in Soweto. A community upliftment initiative that has committed itself to empowering and enabling young people to reach their full potential. Through comprehensive after school programs with a high-impact curriculum including academics, technology, life skills, sports and a Tech Club that is preparing the learners for the digital and era.

Many in the community of Soweto have commended this initiative, as children don’t idle, leaving them vulnerable to being influenced by substance abuse and other negative activities, but has created a home for children to nurture their talents and with internet connectivity it will allow for their kids to be part of a movement for the future while inspiring curiosity, new interests and opening the gate for children to pursue new and exciting hobbies 

Supersonic spokesperson Megan Nicolas states that “Investing and adding value to communities and the youth means that we are empowering future leaders, future clients and potential resources, therefore investing in ourselves. This is also paramount in bringing our communities to the forefront of digital advancements and further contributing to a world that is brazen in transformation. 

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