With Africa being on top of many travellers list ,with its varied climate ,landscape ,wildlife and stand out accommodations. Richly blessed with so many cultures and natural beauty Sonop and Omaanda in Namibia are some of the best places to visit for an ultimate Namibian escape that will tick all the boxes.

If one wants to experience and savour wild luxury retreat Zannier Hotels Omaanda is an unforgettable journey with an all inclusive package. It is also about attention to detail at this ravishing yet simple reserve.

A dreamy sunset view at Omaanda

Omaanda lies in the glorious natural setting that is preserved and cherished by many. One can easily immediately fall in love with the beauty and landscape that it offers and also emotions that are created from the experience. Omaanda boasts of a magnified timeless quality of a location that oozes sophistication while maintaining the highest respect for the natural environment and local traditions.

This five star stunning lodge is set in the heart of a 9000 hectare private wildlife conservancy in the countryside of the Namibian capital Windhoek.

Whilst offering unmatched majestic beauty it also boasts of maintaining the local traditions of the Oshiwambo people. This is intricated by the impressive inclusion of seamless traditional Oshiwambo architecture which elevates the experience of the wild and cultural beauty of Namibia and also resonates with the artfully bespoke luxurious taste of Zannier Hotels. Guests will definitely not forget this decadent and and unique experience in this private and spacious reserve.

When tradition meets elegance

Precious antiques, traditional fabrics and authentic ceramics do not only add to the daily aesthetics and ambiance of the lodge but also exudes the continuation of the cultural oasis with emphasis on preservation of the Oshiwambo rich values, beliefs and heritage which guests can indulge and admire. It is a great example of what can happen when architecture takes inspiration from its surroundings

Guests are also treated to both sunrise and sunset tours which will be the occasion to spot wild animals and to also spend a delicious meal while contemplating the stunning panorama.

Stunning panoramic view by the pool side

Omaanda also prides itself by having an indigenous minority staff compliment of at least 98% locals and its impeccable service is second to none.


A remarkable setting to view beautiful landscape at Sonop

Then comes the ‘sister’ lodge Sonop. This extraordinary property is nestled at the Southern edge of the Namib Desert in the Karas region of the beautiful Namibia.” The Namib” which means ”vast place” and the region is a wild and desolated area spanning more than 2000 kilometres along the Atlantic coasts of Namibia, Angola and South Africa.

The Namib Desert is a sandy wonder and is famous for being the oldest and one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. Its rocky gravel plains and gigantic dunes are constantly moving and being reshaped by nature every single day. It is indeed a place that once one visits it will sear into your mind forever.

At its Southern borders of this beautiful desert lies Zanniers’ Sonop Lodge. Sonop is located on top of colossal boulders in a landscape that is a destination itself. Some dry desert plants, cactuses and other beautiful plants form a remarkable setting of the lodge.

This luxurious tented camp lodge is indeed a remarkable designed property which offers a perfect getaway in the beautiful desert landscape. Its communal area and tents are beautifully perched on top of round boulders against a hill ensuring stunning views from all angles.

The lodge was indeed thoughtfully designed to create a memorable journey through time. Sonop is richly furnished with antiques made of the exquisite quality material and its guests are invited to live like wealthy explorers and its an experience one will never forget. The design of the lodge is warm, elegant and luxurious and also forms a somewhat timeless unique sight and experience. As with all Zannier properties food is extremely important . At Sonop Lodge too, this is one of the assets which truly make this lodge stand out.

The silverware and candelabras set the mood for the glamorous dinner ,where butlers serve a refined 5-course meals of he highest standard and the experienced International chefs lead the kitchen and always ensure that the food is of a level that is next to none and hard to find in Namibia.

Their stunning silverware design and candelabras would perfectly fit in a museum and their flawless service creates a unique experience that will make you yearn for more. Clearly they deserve all the accolades they have been recognized with.

The stunning silverware and candelabras fit for the museum.