Microsoft might be the most recognisable ICT brand name out, with around 78% of the world’s computers running on its software, as that world becomes more online and cloud-based, their platforms and tools are becoming more essential than ever.

It has also appointed its first female Managing Director of Microsoft South Africa since the company reinvested in the country in the 1990s.

Meet Lillian Barnard who is one of South Africa’s leading technology executives and has also held various executive positions both locally and abroad and as such has gained extensive knowledge in sales,operations,business controls ,strategy, business transformation and leadership.

Lillian’s qualifications includes a Bachelors of Commerce -Bcom in Business/Managerial economics and a Bcom Honours in Business Economics which were all obtained at the University of Western Cape.

In addition to being a Tech enthusiast and first female Managing Director of a leading Tech company she is also passionate about women empowerment , mentor ship and developing the next generation of female leaders which has enabled a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. She truly believes that diversity and inclusivity among your staff are essential to serving an equally diverse market.

She has also built a reputation as someone who can build strong , high-perfoming teams that constantly deliver on their financial targets while also bringing innovative digital solutions to her partners and customers.

Lillian is also a notable Corporate Speaker, Mother and Author of ” I Hope You Feel Inspired”.

”Often women do not have enough sponsor help them get to the top” ,said Lillian in one of her famous quotes.