Artwork by sinclide

Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging items(often with symbolic meaning) in a way that will influence and affect one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect. Art is also made with an intention of stimulating thoughts and emotions.

Sometimes when one comes across a well-made piece of art it could be what just the thing one needs. Maybe because you’ll be feeling down and needing a pick-me-up, or perhaps just feeling drained and craving for new inspiration or even just being bored and itching to stare at something beautiful. Whatever the reason could be, one has to indulge the alluring work of a young local artist Sinclide who is definitely bringing some color into our lives with his unique and fascinating digital painting style.

Sinclide is a digital painter who currently stays in Gauteng South Africa , and whose work represents his deep fascination with spirituality and often inspired and swayed by his roots and tradition.

As every art needs some learning time cycle, so even if one is a good traditional painter or having amazing drawing skills or imagination you still need a couple weeks to get familiar with the process so that you can work digitally and canvas your imagination on digital media.

His distinctive style which has taken him at least 3 years to develop speaks a lot of volumes and pierces ones soul and arouses emotions. Digital painting is an emerging art form in which traditional painting techniques are applied.

Sinclide who is so passionate about his skill has been nurturing his craft at a very young age and eventually honed his skills at the tertiary institution where he majored in the Faculty of Arts.

Sinclide uses art as a form of expression as there are many complex feelings or thoughts which cannot be expressed through verbal means. Sinclide symbolizes the intended messages and codify them and allow the spectator or viewer to decipher and interpret the hidden the meaning or messages as per their understanding.

The transformation cannot go unnoticed as it has evolved from being dark to his current influence of spirituality and tradition. This is showcased by his use of colours and symbols and skills. He also confirms that his work also resonates with him and has a personal connection which is highlighted by his use of certain colour shades to bring our certain emotions.

Currently he showcases his work on his social media pages and also uses that tool to cultivate his collectors space. Clearly digital painting plays a very important role in the transformation of human expressions and also has enhanced the creative process towards innovative and unexplored paths.