Enoch Nana Yaw Oduro-Agyei

Africa’s creative landscape is vastly packed with tremendously talented artists who are gaining prominence locally and abroad. In a global environment that is culturally diverse, technologically progressive and multifaceted. it is important to note one of Ghana’s finest and undisputed rapper of The Year Enoch Nana Yaw Oduro-Agyei better known by his stage name Trigmatic.

Born in Accra Ghana, Enoch Nana Yaw Oduro-Agyei is one of the extraordinary talented artist that Africa has to offer. The avid songwriter and performer burgeoning fame can be attributed to his musical journey that begun in high school where he contributed to all the musical events organized by the school. He is well known for fusing rap,Afrobeat and urban high life sounds that erupt from the very essence of his soul. He’s always seen himself as Ghana’s answer to Rap Music.

His bold and eclectic sense of fashion is sharp and his pursuit for perfection tolls a very hefty part of him, which is something one can cannot miss about him. Trigmatic who has rightfully earned the accolade “The Definition of Versatility” has effortlessly nabbed the very epitome of music and has it engulfed in him which also makes his music scintillating.

His exciting journey also includes becoming the winner of Vibe Fm’s lyricist lounge and an underground microphone wrecker whenever he got on stage to bless the microphone. With his self and personal discovery as an artists it has and gradually quite difficult to lace him under a genre of music.

His quest to becoming a rap star landed him in a radio station (Vibe FM) where he worked as a co-host to Jeremie on a Saturday show called ‘Young Vibes’. Trigmatic has seen himself snowballing from a listener to a radio host to a rapper to musical guru to an indispensable brand with 21 whooping nominations to his name. He was able to release a street mix tape called ‘Stain on a cloth’ which earned him a lot of admiration and recognition.

He also went on a nationwide high school tour which was highly successful. He was also bestowed “Mentor of The Year” by the Prempeh College and given a certificate of achievement for his contribution to youth empowerment and advocacy in Ghana . As a champion for advocacy and empowerment Trigmatic believes that music is like a safe haven for children and young adults which saw the much anticipated launch his foundation the Matic Music Club.

The basic tool the Matic Music Club will use is music to groom children, It’s aim is to break the usual classroom setting to learn in a fun environment.

“We want them to understand art is not just a hobby. Trigmatic revealed in an interview. “While you are enjoying it you can make a living out of it. If you look at South Africa and Nigeria they are really gaining a lot from music”.

Music is a profession and must be taught. What we are going to do with the Matic Music Club is that we are taking the children out of the class to learn about music in a fun and different approach.”“There are times we will have mentoring sessions, field trips to studios and music industry professionals who will come and share their knowledge with the children. In addition to all this he also supports the Save Our Lives orphanage and fostered another child from there and sucessfully runs a foundation called DaMatic Foundation.

Clearly Trigmatic has become a household name known by both young and old and has moved from just a rapper to a musical force. He plays with dilates through live performances and does it with expedition, fundamentally a storyteller. Trigmatic successfully tells the story of contemporary Ghana from an urban roost effortlessly.

His unique voice and concurrent style of fusing different genres on a song leaves him with no competition which makes him an icon by design.

Photo cred: Yoyo Tinz