Since the advent of the coronavirus, we’ve witnessed the unwavering bravery and strength displayed by our Pharmacists and other healthcare workers. News24 and Adcock Ingram OTC are joining forces once more to express the nation’s gratitude toward our frontline healthcare workers who have helped us through the pandemic shift into 2021. And this time the focus is on thanking our Pharmacy frontline heroes, by nominating your Pharmacist, Pharmacy assistant, or Pharmacy who always goes the extra mile for their customers and community.

Nicole Austin, Spokesperson of Adcock Ingram OTC Sponsors of Brave said, “As a Pharmacist I hold immense value for this campaign, which is an authentic and meaningful expression of gratitude towards the Pharmacy profession. I, myself, am grateful, and more excited than ever to be the Adcock Ingram OTC Sponsors of Brave Spokesperson. In the past two seasons, a growing appreciation for our healthcare workers has been encouraged, and I am certain that this season will cement their immense value in our hearts and minds. I honestly believe that gratitude is our greatest tool to cultivate hope and cast vision for the future. The pharmacy profession is filled with everyday heroes from all corners of the country, and they certainly deserve some of this gratitude.”

Off the heels of success

Following the successful debut and sophomore seasons of Sponsors of Brave that celebrated our healthcare workers and upcoming future Pharmacists, this season wants to cast a spotlight on the existing Pharmacy heroes making an impact in their community. 

Andrea Firth, Editor of BrandStudio.24 said, “We’re really honoured to be working on a third season of Sponsors of Brave with Adcock Ingram OTC – through this campaign we’ve been able to impact the lives of healthcare professionals and students across South Africa and say thank-you in such a meaningful way.” 

Readers and Pharmacists are urged to cast their votes to nominate a Pharmacy or Pharmacist or Pharmacy Assistant they believe are truly enacting change so that these healthcare professionals could win some exciting prizes that are up for grabs. Even nominations stand to win one of eight R5,000 cash prizes!

From the nominations, eight lucky finalists will be selected to be celebrated by their community. Two of these featured nominees will be selected as overall winners: one by a nationwide public vote on the News24 platform, and another chosen by the Adcock Ingram OTC Sponsors of Brave panel of judges. These Pharmacy related professionals will go on to win an exciting opportunity to pay it forward and pursue a passion project of their choice.

The passion project is an opportunity to give back to the community to the value of R25,000; whether this is painting a school, planting a community garden, supporting a soup kitchen, or any other community service orientated activity.

So, South Africa, it’s time to celebrate your Pharmacist and its staff and let the nation know where their heroes are making waves.

Visit website for more entry criteria, and to cast your nomination. 


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Why Sponsors of Brave

With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic significant changes to our daily living have been experienced which has resulted in the dampening of the spirit of many South African residents. In light of this, and to work towards restoring belief and hope, it is Adcock Ingram OTC’s ambition to encourage our frontline HealthCare Professionals (HCPs) of South Africa, to continue to make a difference in the world and to recognise many of these individuals for their selfless sacrifice during the surge of the coronavirus infection. The HCP fraternity including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, and other allied specialities. This campaign will allow pharmacy healthcare professionals to nominate themselves or be nominated by peers and other South African residents for a life-changing opportunity under the banner of bravery. Eight of these nominees will have the chance to share their story in a featured video and be treated to a ‘gratitude shower’ by members of their community and two lucky winners will get to pursue their ‘passion project’ through the campaign. This campaign is not just about these fearless pharmacists, but a call to action to all South African residents to recognise, celebrate and begin “THANKING THE BRAVE” HCPs in our society by nominating them for this worthy prize.

About Adcock Ingram OTC
Adcock Ingram OTC (over the counter medicines) is a leading and proudly South African healthcare company providing quality products to improve the health and lives of the communities it serves.

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