The business of art collecting has grown exponentially in the past years ,and access to this burgeoning market is increasingly becoming challenging.

Starting an art collection can be a daunting task especially if you’re a new collector as they’ll be many excellent African artists to choose from , and it is also not easy to understand how one artwork or artist can fetch higher prices than the other or even why some artists make it whilst some don’t .

Investing in African art collection can be extremely rewarding both socially and economically.

Art can provide one with the ability to enjoy one’s assets everyday of your life on a very personal level.

While the African art market has experienced exceptional growth over the past two decades most respected corporations have benefitted enormously from their investments.

There is a also a strong global interest in contemporary African art and all things African at the moment which can be seen by the success of the movies Black Panther and Coming 2 America which highlighted and showcased the African fashion, dance and theatre from the continent.

This success has fuelled the increase of African curators to be invited to be leaders in important art fairs ,biennales and museums and galleries.

However as an African Art investor it can be challenging to identify an exceptional young artist that is on a perfect track to become a big name in the art world.

Sometimes new talent can also just reveal itself at different valuable platforms especially those that are aimed at identifying and promoting young talent .

It is important to note that gaining knowledge as an investor should be right at the top of that must-do list.

Reputable galleries also do come in handy for an inexperienced collector as they will give time, effort and best advice to new collectors.

As a new investor one needs to understand that art is most certainly not a way of making a quick return but to focus on finding artworks that resonate with you and that you can live with and enjoy every day.