In 2021, Black women are leading and making a difference like never before. And they are doing so unapologetically!

Who says you can’t be graceful and fierce all at the same time? 

Whether they are commanding attention in government, media, education, or just blazing a trail, Black women are now more than ever using their voices to make impact and be noticeable on all fronts.

Hosting and organizing successful events takes in-depth experience, practical specialist knowledge, and a strong knack for networking and collaborating with people to get things done.

 Events are very personal occasions and for the clients hosting them finding the right event planner who can create the right experience is crucial. 

That is where South African entrepreneur Maureen “Nono” Skosana , comes in. She helps her clients create beautiful and unique event memories that last.

There’s no denying that Somizi and Mohale’s traditional African wedding was a spectacular affair. Their vision of a modern traditional wedding with a touch of elegance came to life with the help of Maureen “Nono” Skosana of Nono Events.

From the opulent white and gold décor to the copious amounts of champagne, Skosana and her team pulled out all the stops.

Maureen, who goes by the nickname Nono, studied law and practised for 10 years until her passion and love of parties and extravagance grew beyond simply a hobby.

What started as a part-time business, soon escalated to a full-time operation in 2012, when she could no longer juggle a law career and flourishing events coordinating business.

Her vision is to assist clients with all their event planning and management, furniture hire, decor and logistical needs for any size event.

 She effortlessly leads a passionate family orientated team with all the knowledge and skills one would need to host a memorable event.

The NONO Events team is comprehensive, allowing them to put together all the little pieces that make an event distinct and memorable. 

On Empowerment, Passion, Excellence, and Innovation

Our values as a company are empowerment, passion, excellence, and innovation. We believe in our team, empowering them to discover and nurture their individual talents and innate abilities.

With the freedom to grow and learn, our people always ensure they give their best work at any given opportunity.

This shows the level of commitment and passion they have towards the work they do for us and most importantly our clients. Such unfaltering commitment and effort from our staff ensure that Nono Events are always met. 

If you surely all you need is a full-service event planning and design Nono Events are committed to curating unique, distinctive, and memorable experiences especially for you.