When you are in the business of communicating on behalf of your dynamic customers, that becomes your sole focus.                                                                                                                                                                                  

After being approached by Ryan du Toit of Dutwaa Creative Agency however, Angelfish Public Relations & Events now has a fresh and edgy new look after nearly two decades in the Eventing and PR industry.

“A re-brand was the furthest thing from my mind” says owner Annie Hodes “you could say it is a case of the cobbler’s kids who have no shoes. When you are working hard for your clients that is the priority”.

But knowing Annie and the incredible work she does for her clients, Dutwaa was itching to turn Annie into the client for a change and freshen up her brand to ensure longevity. “Innovation is key in a saturated market” says Ryan. “It is vital to reinvent your brand from time to time to ensure that it doesn’t become redundant and remind the industry that you’re here to stay.”

Finding a creative agency to translate that into something effective can be difficult but Dutwaa lived up to their slogan: ‘Communication through imagination and design’ by creating a new look and feel for Angelfish PR’s corporate identity which is on point.  So why the speech bubble? “Nothing beats word of mouth marketing” adds Ryan “and that goes hand in hand with a strong PR strategy”.

With media relations as a core competency, Angelfish has successfully built and maintained media and influencer relationships with a broad spectrum of media. These strategic media contacts are utilised to all clients’ advantage, and, when coupled with this agency’s publicity and eventing skills, extensive and relevant brand coverage results. Strong celebrity contacts bring an added dimension to the services offered by Angelfish Public Relations & Events.

Current clients include Starbucks, Hyde Park Corner, Rosebank Mall, News24’s Sponsors of Brave Campaign, Sandton Tourism and Business Association, Wealth Migrate as well as the Gourmet Grocer, Arbour Café and Courtyard restaurants, Coffefe Roastery and the ghost kitchen delivery and collection options The Lucky Peach House of Ramen, The Dark Kitchen and Bagel Burger.