Chef PaliPali

A lot of people say food is purely for sustaining the body. We eat for nourishment and energy so that we can keep going throughout the day. Yet, if you’re a food lover, you’ll understand that food is not just for energy, it’s to be cooked with love and then ingested with total enjoyment.

Across the continent from Nigeria to South Africa, down to Zambia, professional chefs are plating Africa’s traditional dishes on the international table. These chefs have carved a niche for themselves in the African food industry.

 From updating classic African recipes to creating amazing contemporary dishes that hit the spot, these chefs will make you want to spend all your time in your kitchen.

Chef, caterer, blogger Sowetan, car enthusiast, mom, wanderlust kid, and aspiring pit-master – Palesa Seabela popularly known as Chef Pali is a culinary expert when it comes to different kinds of African cuisines. The kitchen expert was born and raised in Johannesburg in Soweto. She developed her skills at a very young age when she spent time helping her mum and grandparents in the kitchen.

Chef PaliPali draws her inspiration heavily from her love for South African food and exploring all the wonderful cuisines from across the African continent.

Though this might have robbed her off playtime with her friends, Chef Pali Pali got the opportunity to play around and recreate recipes that we get to indulge on her social platforms such as @chefpali_pali. 

This decision has turned out to be one of the most noticeable trends to develop and best things she has done. She writes recipes, she modifies exciting recipes as well as caters for events once in a while.

What you will find on her Instagram page and her blog are innovative and exciting seasonal recipes. If you want to learn how to cook or up your kitchen game, check out her recipes. Also check out her recipe on how to make instant meals which has never looked more delicious!

She is a woman that enjoys cooking and knows how to do it well. She is all about having fun with cooking, but ensuring that the meal is as healthy and nutritious as possible, not the easy feat with carb-filled African cooking.

Chef Palesa’s style of fusion cooking is best described as Anglo and Afro-Indian with a lot of Mediterranean. The Chef’s condiments and sauces are all about big flavors, spicing, chillies and100% natural ingredients that provide an easy addition to spice up any meal.

Chef Pali Pali, is not just passionate about creating recipes and cooking, she uses food as a way to explore the social, cultural and economic practices of how food is consumed throughout the world.

Chef PaliPali Instagram page and Twitter feed is full of her making steaming Braai’d Prawns, Chicken and BBQ Lamb chops with plantain. You would wish that her dishes were right in front of you. 

Be sure to visit her page and indulge your senses and taste buds.