Inyoni Location farm

Cape Town has a sophisticated economy, a developed infrastructure, an established film industry – and incredibly diverse filming locations. From pristine beaches to bustling cityscapes, Cape Town is home to a host of film locations for rent, making it popular with international location scouts.

Shooting on location makes all the difference when it comes to creating an authentic-looking production, and Cape Town has it all. You could shoot skyscrapers in the morning, a tropical paradise over lunch and a desolate mountain landscape in the evening – the only limit is your imagination. Some of the most popular locations are found in Cape Town’s central business district, which has a rich architectural heritage. The greater Western Cape also offers a wealth of diverse natural beauty, all within a 2-hour radius of the city. Cape Town is also known for its world-famous landmarks, including Robben Island, Cape Town Stadium, Lion’s Head, Artscape Theatre and the Grand Parade to name a few.

These film locations have appeared in many major feature films and acclaimed TV series over the years. The film sector is a priority sector in the economy of Western Cape Province, where Cape Town is located it has generated around 5 billion rands ($345 million) and created thousands of jobs a year, according to 2019’s official figures. We take a quick view of one of the pristine locations in Cape Town called Inyoni Location Farm.

It was established in 2016 with the aim of providing exciting set built locations for Stills and Film Industry. It’s unique setting with popular backdrops is suitable for any kind of brief or commercial use, each set is dynamic and eye catching to the Stills and Film Industry, either suiting a specific brief or even a campaign being created around it.

The location has hosted amazing talent from all over world which has also boosted local tourism and with tourism being important in Africa, the continued support by the film industry has allowed the sector to grow.

This scintillating location can only been used for production with their busiest time being between October and March. However International clients do travel to Cape Town throughout the year.