Wealth Migrate is a trusted global real estate marketplace that allows investors to invest internationally in quality opportunities and create wealth safely. The company has members in 133 countries and has facilitated real estate investments of over $600 million (USD) on four continents. Investors have earned an average of 8% cash-on-cash in USD for the last six years and IRRs of 13% to 20%.

Glem Sunter

Clem Sunter’s most recent book, co-authored by Mitch Ilbury, Thinking the Future: New Perspectives from the Shoulders of Giants, also covers the futurologist theme on adaptable decision-making in a complex digital world. 

Since the 1980s, Sunter has put together many possible scenarios for presentations as a keynote speaker in Europe, Asia, and Africa. He continues this legacy of exploring future possibilities as the author of at least 17 books.

Sunter’s authority on scenario planning began when he was appointed to the positions of chairman and CEO at Anglo American’s Gold and Uranium division in South Africa. His primary responsibility was to head its scenario planning unit and guide its business strategy to mitigate risks.

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