Everyone needs somewhere to work, where creative urges can be explored and energies expended — these inspiring spaces reside happily within domestic interiors, proving that it is possible to combine home with work successfully.

Many of us work from home, often in a dedicated study or home office. When it comes to residential workspaces, artists and creatives have quite specific requirements. Architects working in this sphere find themselves juggling the needs for functional spaces with a highly developed aesthetic. And, of course, they also need to blend these areas.

It may surprise you to know that a vast majority of the world’s interior design inspirations come from only two major geographical locations. Oftentimes, we look at mainly western concepts that take inspiration from various European nations and the design styles that come from there, as well as the east, where some of the ideas are more exotic in nature.

One of the areas that is often largely ignored the most is the continent of Africa. Believe it or not, the African style is one that we come across less frequently than we would probably like to. Now, however, the time has come to put all aspects of African style interior design and African home decor into focus!

Home Artist is a holistic Modern African inspired Art Design and deco company that offers exactly this. A piece of Africa in the design community!

They use different prints to celebrate multiple African cultures. The African continent is so rich and diverse with language, ethnicity, culture, tribes and traditions.

Their unique style which incorporates different parts of the African continent cannot be missed especially the cushions. Each with its own story, history and significance. All their pieces are carefully curated to celebrate the vast African culture, art, life and architecture. 

Africa is a rather large continent, stretching from countries such as Morocco and Egypt in the north all the way down to Namibia, Mozambique, and South Africa in the south. Each country certainly has its own unique kind of interior design style; however, interior design styles from this region typically incorporate tones that are earthier and neutral that also contain splashes of color.

The decor of Africa is inspired mainly by nature, as well as colorful fabrics, wild animals, and various kinds of traditional wood carvings. There are a number of reasons that people seem to find themselves inspired by African-type designs, with some enjoying the thought of going on a safari to take photographs, while others simply enjoy the various cultural and historical perspectives of the region.

Regardless of what it is that inspires you the most, there are many different ways that you can utilize the African style into your own environment.

Utilizing design techniques that originate from foreign countries is not something that is so foreign to interior designers, as they have forever been using their own passports to come up with new and exciting ideas for their own projects. Perhaps the biggest and most popular trend right now is that of African-inspired interior design.