Odysseus Shirindza

The thing about this new generation of talented designers is that they don’t shy away from creativity in the service of self-expression, and they still aim to answer some of life’s thornier questions. For Odysseus Shirindza, favors a contemporary and constantly evolving style that like his way of life. As a young African and successful designer, he gives himself space to explore anything and everything that is possible and to know and believe that you have it all as an African that is required to self-define and constantly tell our story with honesty and integrity. His unique style which has captured hearts of many is adaptive and reactive to his surroundings. While his creations definitely are fashion forward, Odysseus creations each season expresses a deep commitment to his stimulations at the time.

This makes his eclectic and Africanesque fashion label Arnreuby, a style that is of a nomadic nature and well refined in its execution. The richly textured are a result of the clever infusion of his family heritage of Tsonga, Xhosa and Chewa. With the nods to these vibrant blend of culture it has earned him the reputation as one of South Africa’s most exciting design talents.

His offering has seen him dressing Southern Africa’s brightest stars. His style has always been known to push the envelope especially now that we are getting into autumn/ summer season. When the weather gets cooler, you know it’s time to start slipping into your autumn wardrobe. With all the cozy coats cute fall hats, and other accessories, it’s the perfect season to play around with your style.  But if you’re not sure were to begin Odysseus guides us on what to look for in his latest collection for the summer/ autumn season.From his collection expect to find pieces that ooze comfort and ease.

He loves ease in clothing so he creates functional pieces that are also comfortable. So if you’re excited for the new seasons styles or just want to be inspired by a bunch of pretty outfits. check out his latest collection.