This festive season may be the first in a long time for many South Africans, to take a road trip to visit family and friends and support the local tourism industry.

Regrettably, the festive season is also well-known for bumper-to-bumper traffic, long queues at petrol stations, and drivers who can be heavy-footed on the accelerator. These factors can make the drive stressful and your road trip unpleasant.

With some planning and these helpful tips, your long-distance drives can be safe and more enjoyable.

Map out your drive

Set your destination in your GPS and print the directions as a backup. There are more than 12 million vehicles on South Africa’s roads, and you don’t want to get lost. Planning your drive will also give you an idea of how long you’ll be on the road, so you can pack enough padkos and plan your breaks. 

Get your car ready

Fill up with petrol, check oil, water and tyre pressure and tread, and keep extra face masks and hand sanitiser in the cubbyhole. Don’t forget to get your battery checked. The specialists do it for free. Regular battery checks ensure that you’ll always have a smooth ride. Also, check the spare tyre is inflated correctly, that the jack and triangle, and a portable jumpstarter are in the boot — just in case.  

Choose a trusted and reliable battery

Make sure your battery is in good condition to keep the car switched on and moving. There are a range of quality, reliable, robust, and locally manufactured batteries to power all vehicles, from the golden oldies to newer AGM models with Start/Stop technology. 

Get enough rest

Tired drivers can be dangerous behind the steering wheel. Get a good night’s rest before leaving on your trip. Take a 15-minute break at least every two hours of driving. Triple check the car doors are locked after parking and before you stretch your legs and take that bathroom break. Or you can split your journey and book a night’s stay at a cozy bed and breakfast.

Charged power banks

The inevitable, “are we there yet?” question can be asked way too often and can be distracting. Modern power banks can charge up to two devices, even your laptop. The kids won’t run out of entertainment with fully-charged tablets and cellphones, and you can focus on the road.

Have one less thing to worry about this festive season with these road safety tips. And for a range of batteries and power banks that are reliable and will keep your car moving, visit South Africa’s leading battery manufacturers.