WhiskyBrother&Co Hyde Park

Whisky is tasted, often a little at first, and then in larger amounts and with the spirit being moved around the tongue and swallowed slowly. The purpose of the first tasting is to appraise the texture while subsequent tastings are to analyse flavours and scents. In the second tasting the primary flavours are determined. There are only five of these, detected by the tongue: salt, sweet, sour, bitter and umami (savoury); the other ‘flavours’ are aromas and are picked up at the back of the nasal passage.

The WhiskyBrothers&Co have been pouring the finest world class whisky and spirits since 2012, expanded their space at Hyde Park Corner which is a place to learn, taste and experience all things whisky. taste and experience all things whisky. They boast a vast selection, great service and advice as well as exclusive releases not available anywhere else in the world.

The latest WhiskyBrother&Co exclusives arrived recently, taking their total for the year to 14 single casks – a new record of exclusives in just one year! (BTW, Slàinte Mhath is pronounced Slanj-a-va!)

The exclusive arrival