Cheez Beezy

Safe to say, 2021 was a wild ride for all of us. Even those who thought themselves to be somehow insulated from the unending tentacles of a pandemic wound up getting touched in some way.

Bunkered in their respective corners of the internet like the rest of us, musicians of all tiers grappled with the need to explore new ways of connecting with their fans and one another as once-reliable stages, watering holes, sources of supplementary incomes, and everything in between shuddered. In many cases, for good.No one adapted in the same way. Some used the newfound surplus of downtime (on and offline) to tidy up a vaulted single or a project stashed for too long. Some used it to situate themselves, despite wholly justified skepticism of the platforms, in a still-fledgling Livestream landscape.

Some disappeared entirely and focused solely on patching residual gaps in their processes. Some did it all. Some did none of it.

But almost-near everyone was more or less stuck in whatever broad or rigid range of motion(s) their circumstance could afford them.

However, credit’s certainly due to those artists who not only took on this strange new world with us but also defined the sounds of a year that escapes definition, leaving the best bit of themselves in it. 

With one of most polished Rap hits under his belt, Cheez Beezy is making waves on both sides of the pond.

Over the last few years, Cheez Beezy has been an unsung force of sedative melodies and unshakeable hooks.

The multi gifted rapper hit a new high on his ‘Tshipi’ song outing with tripped-out hometown anthems and lucidly Sesotho rap-laced gems.

Cheez Beezy covers a good grip of sonic topography and glimpses a promising trajectory all at once.

He has been in the game for 9 years now.

His music is mostly inspired by his daily life experiences. Definitely the rap game is in for a surprise once his dream of collaborating with the likes  of Mnqobi Yazo, prolific  Amanda Black and of cause the super star  Wiz Kid. It’s time to get acquainted with Cheez Beezy, one of RAP most prolific pens.

And while he seems poised to finally relinquish, it’s as good a time as any to get acquainted with one of R&B’s most prolific pens.