Tebogo Ramokgadi
Dess by Gushima

The word drama is an understatement when it comes to the Diamond and Dolls Reality Show, they are bringing us all the glitz and the glamour on our screens this season. The show has been on the pipeline for en years now and currently stands as one of the most anticipated shows on Showmax. Diamond & Dolls are all about the lavish lifestyle, expensive outfits, very expensive weaves, expensive shoes the glam life. 

Tebogo Ramokgadi who is the producer of the reality Diamond & Dolls, started the show as a documentary of the life of Johannesburg based socialites. The socialite and business owner brought together a group of lavish friends and started the show 10 years ago.

Diamond & Dolls now on Showmax

The first few episodes were shot five years ago when the ladies where still trying to find their feet, one doll Inno Moreng, spent two hundred thousand for Libro because she wanted to own her body and her space, she is an advocate of self-care. Eva Modika who is known as the north queen club hostess knows how to turn things up. The dolls would not be complete without our Zimbabwean born queens Lolo Mlunjwana, a boutique owner, how can we forget the beautiful Lumi Jemma a self- discovered world traveller and medical doctor by profession.The dolls are all educated in their own rights and all bring a different element to the show.

The Diamond Dolls

Tebogo Ramokgadi is very excited about the show and has expressed his gratitude to everyone who supported his dream, he also expressed that we should all chase our dreams and that nothing beats hard work.

Diamond & Dolls is now showing on Showmax.