Nubian Crown Hair Studio

The natural hair movement in Africa over the last decade has seen a growing number of the ethnic population wearing kinks, coils and curls in their natural state. This natural hair movement has been driven by a number of factors, not least of which is the reclamation of African pride and identity. It can also be attributed to a consciousness towards the use of environmentally friendly ingredients in hair products to avoid illnesses and health complications caused by chemicals in hair products. A growing understanding of how styling and hair care can result in various types of alopecia and hair loss has also played a role in the move towards healthy natural hair, says MD of Nubian Crown Hair Studio, Tshireletso Yvonne Diogo (who is also the founder of the @microlocssa community): “The beauty industry is still limited in terms of options for colouring natural ethnic hair in a way that does not permanently change the structure of the hair, causing dryness and breakage in the long run. What options are there for an ethnic natural who is looking to continue on a healthy hair journey while enjoying diverse styling options which include safe colour applications? Until now, there really were none.

“Nubian Crown’s safe colour for naturals is possible through L’Oreal DIA Light which is acid-based demi-permanent colour specifically designed to treat and protect the hair while depositing the colour pigments. A true ammonia free technology breakthrough.”

DIA Light does not contain a lift booster and therefore causes no lift of the natural base of the hair. As a result, DIA Light does not lead to over-sensitization of the hair fibre.

What factors make DIA Light a safe colouring system? The integrity of the fibre is maintained since DIA Light offers a remarkable protection of the hair’s lipids and structural proteins. DIA Light also offers high resistance to washing and resilience to colour loss through the sun’s rays. With DIA Light and a good after care regimen of deep conditioning treatments, it is possible to flaunt kinks, coils, curls and locs in a wide variety of tones and shades.

For those who are looking for maximum grey coverage, DIA Richesse should be your pick. DIA Richesse is a new generation alkaline technology, reinvented for more flexibility and coverage power, while remaining a demi-permanent and ammonia-free colour. DIA Richesse is the ideal demi-permanent colour for natural hair for coverage of grey hair and additional reflect. The higher the volume of  peroxide it is mixed with the more coverage of white hairs and the more reflects will be intense and visible. DIA Richesse covers up to 70% of greys! L’Oréal Professionals DIA Light and DIA Richesse does not alter the structure of hair and ensures strong rich colour, which is completely safe to use on kinks, coils, curls and locs.