Ayanda Thabethe

DW partner and co-producer Arena Broadcast in South Africa has added Afrimaxx to its TV lineup on The Home Channel. Presented by South African host and actress Ayanda Thabethe, the TV magazine highlights innovation and inspiration from popular culture in different countries across the continent. 

The show introduces up-and-coming artists and cultural figures from the design, music, architecture and gastronomy sectors. Vernon Matzopoulos, Head of Arena Broadcast: “For us, Afrimaxx is a breakthrough moment, a powerful antidote to the usual narrative of war, coups and famine. It’s a showcase of the amazing richness of African creativity—across design, decor, fashion, art, music and food. And a celebration of the young men and women who are starting to take their rightful place on the world stage.” 

Collaborative DW project Afrimaxx is jointly produced by DW and Arena Broadcast in Johannesburg. For the production, the South African media company uses its existing network of reporters in various sub-Sahara countries. DW also produces its own contributions to the program. Gerda Meuer, Managing Director Programming at DW: “With Afrimaxx, we are focusing very clearly on a young target group that we want to pick up with topics that interest them. The result is a different view of Africa, a continent that also has a lot to offer regarding lifestyle, trends, fashion and modernity. The exclusive and intensive format Afrimaxx will inspire us all.” 

Afrimaxx is the African counterpart to Euromaxx. The successful DW format has been giving audiences in sights into European culture and lifestyle since it began broadcasting in 2003.