Comic Con Africa

Get ready for action and adventure as some of the most talented international illustrators, artists and content creators take you deeper into the multiverse of media at Comic Con Africa from 22 to 25 September at the Johannesburg Expo Centre. They will be joined by an amazing line up of African artists who will showcase their talent at the continent’s largest multi-genre pop-culture and gaming festival.

Artist Alley – the heartbeat of the festival, will not only be the home to these local and international spotlight artists, but also to over 100 other artists & creatives showcasing their work throughout the four days of Comic Con Africa. Festivalgoers will have a unique opportunity to engage with these artists within the inner sanctum of Hall 6 (Pop- Culture Hall), and they will also be treated to signed works for sale – anything from printed posters to T-shirts and even intricately painted canvas shoes. 

In the known and unknown realms which exist between the pages of each comic, the independent artists who create these original comic books, fan art, novels, drawings, paintings, and digital art, will blow the imagination of guests with new, classic, rare and collectable works available at the show. 

Sharing the incredible platform with all festivalgoers, the Artist Alley Spotlight Stage will illuminate the worlds these artists bring to life through engaging interviews, Live drawing sessions, panel discussions and live challenges, showing off the line-up of world-class talent at Comic Con Africa this year. Artis Alley is all made possible by partners like ArtChimp.

“Were so excited to bring this phenomenal mix of International and African talent to the festival. 

You will be able see and meet the best of Africa’s talent and the comic book talent that many grew up reading. This will be a remarkable experience and not one to be missed,” said Carla Massmann, Comic Con Africa Show Director.

Stimulating imaginative and versatile readers, established and soon-to-be collectors, fans, as well as those who only fight alongside a single superhero, over the four days the international illustrators will familiarise guests with the lines, shades and shapes that make up their favourite fantasy worlds.

These artists include: