Subscription lifestyle boxing company Bundle Up is truly ‘thinking out of the box’ with new parents in mind. Not only is the concept a perfect match for any bundle of joy, but it is also a clever business idea that promises to take the baby gifting industry to a whole new level. This concept is the brainchild of Early Childhood Development teacher and mom of two, Stacey Brittain and Megan Robinson, a strategic brand management and marketing graduate who has experience working with children as well as product and brand development. Their combined expertise ensures the products included in the boxes are exactly what you need from a developmental perspective with locally made products stimulating local economy. All items are sustainable in support of the move away from plastic to wood with the goal of preserving our environment.

These unique boxes are packed with milestone-appropriate tricks and treats to stimulate baby right from the new-born stage which are delivered to expectant mothers on a monthly basis. These beautifully curated boxes present the perfect blend of convenience and keen anticipation. It’s exactly what new parents need, when they need it – with detailed instructions to help them understand why they need it.

Bundle Up has created twelve different boxes to make up their popular Bundle Up baby series. However, new parents can also choose to buy one or more of the boxes if they don’t indulge in the entire series. The boxes are specifically created for the first year of a child’s life and include the latest age-related educational toys, recipe books (with recipes for breastfeeding moms and babies from six months when they start solids), activities and treats. They are designed to relieve anxiety by providing a new (or existing) parent with everything they need to enjoy watching their baby grow, and at the same time reach all the unique developmental goals. The boxes have even received product endorsement from South Africa’s #1 parenting portal,

The boxes were initially created to guide and support parents and caregivers with the active development of their child’s seven sensory systems. At first, the single boxes contained customised, designed activities and crafted items. Since then, Bundle Up has evolved to offer much more than just a once-off package. As the demand has grown, the idea has developed into a subscription service that everyone is talking about. This subscription service has since expanded to offer toddler boxes, with three eagerly awaited ranges to be launched soon: fitness, pet and maternity boxes.

Bundle Up uses the subscription service model to supply customers purely because of the convenience factor. It also gives mommies regular and predictable deliveries of what they need without the stress and strain of having to order multiple times. More importantly, the new parent is regularly kept up to date with the latest trends and developments in the baby industry. Owners Megan Robinson and Stacey Brittain are thrilled that the concept has taken off so well. Their take on their new bundle of joy? “It’s not easy launching a concept that is completely new. It started with one box and has organically grown into something far greater than we had imagined, far faster than we thought it would. Our advice to new parents? Watch this space!”