Lady Zamar asserts herself as royalty in her own right. Making a comeback with her brand-new single called ‘All (I Want)’ under the notion that you only live once. The song is perfect for the summer festivities, whether being a good time at the beach or on the dance floor in the club. The laid-back melodies make it also a lovely song to enjoy in any type of setting.

The song is produced by Senior Oat, the ‘All In You’ hit maker. Who, with his style of production to dance music, creates a perfect marriage between himself and Lady Zamar. In Senior Oat’s style, the song builds up to synthesizers that break into the chorus of the song making one to go wild to it.

All (I Want)’ is the lead single to Lady Zamar’s upcoming EP, titled ‘Royal Flush’. As ‘King Zamar’ or the ‘Mornach’ – ‘Royal Flush’ is a project that just keeps on heightening Lady Zamar as royalty. And as royal she never forgets her people as she is now also a published author through her children’s book, ‘Amara Goes To Olympics’.