A drool-worthy collaboration between two bespoke brands, The Winston Hotel and Just Teddy Fine Boulangerie & Pâtisserie, has resulted in a high tea experience with a curated menu that will raise the bar in the high tea sector to new heights.

Commencing the weekend of 29 October 2022, High Tea by Just Teddy will be served in two sittings every Saturday and Sunday for a limited time only at The Winston Hotel in Rosebank, Johannesburg. This unique partnership between the Millat Investments owned hotel and Just Teddy is an ideal, classic hotel setting is synonymous with the best high tea venues globally. This high-end “pop-up” style experience breaks new ground in developing unique high tea experiences with quality beverages and food within a classic, indoor / outdoor setting.

Served in the lounge area / courtyard of The Winston Hotel this curated high tea menu by Just Teddy is a fitting farewell to The Winston as we know it. In June 2022, Millat Investments acquired The Winston Hotel and signed an agreement with Hyatt Hotels that will see The Winston Hotel rebranded to the luxury Park Hyatt brand. Extensive refurbishment is scheduled to commence at the beginning of December, and the hotel will officially re-open as the Park Hyatt Johannesburg in early 2023. Says Millat Investments CEO, Hamza Farooqui: “Just Teddy’s partnership with Millat Investments not only adds another layer to The Winston Hotel’s luxury offering, but it lays the foundation for us to consider future partnerships in this sector. It makes sense to align our brands in this collaboration which has resulted in a unique experience.”

“We are excited to take our expertise and creative flair to a new level. Partnering with The Winston Hotel allows Just Teddy to expand their footprint and we look forward to further collaborations like this one going forward. We believe that the menu we have curated for High Tea by Just Teddy at The Winston Hotel is some of our best work!” commented Teddy Zaki, owner of Just Teddy.

Whether you are a ‘pinkie up’ or ‘pinkie down’ person, it’s a safe assumption that you’re going to love high tea in this classic setting. Pulitzer Prize winning author Alice Walker’s observation that “high tea is really a picnic indoors” rings true in this case. Although the menu elevates the ‘picnic’ to something that can be savoured and languished over:

For more information, please visit The Winston Hotel website on http://www.thewinstonhotel.co.za/

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