Starbucks South Africa is excited to reintroduce the Cold Brew range, including the Traditional Cold Brew, Cold Brew Latte, and Cold Brew with Vanilla Sweet Cream. 

The difference between cold brew and iced coffee

Cold Brew differs from iced espresso beverages, such as Iced Latte or Iced Americano, which combine espresso shots with cold milk or water and ice. While traditional iced coffee is made by brewing double-strength hot coffee poured over ice, Cold Brew is coffee steeped using cool water for 20 hours to extract a smooth, full-bodied coffee, without any bitterness. Starbucks Cold Brew is served unsweetened to highlight its smooth, naturally sweet taste — but of course, every guest can personalise their beverage however they like.

How did they brew it?

Starbucks took the time to perfect its Cold Brew recipe, looking at the diverse qualities of the various blends created and focusing on the specific flavours they wanted. By experimenting with roast levels, different beans, brewing styles and blind tastings, they discovered the perfect balance of rich, dense, and slightly sweet flavours. 

The resulting unique Cold Brew Blend combines coffees from Latin America and Africa, offering a smooth, rich flavour with chocolate and light citrus notes.

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