Doupboy Laska

Theophilus Nii Kojo Martey popular known as Doupboy Laska, is a Song Writer, Performer and a Businessman from Accra in Ghana. Doupboy Laska has a distinct style and a distinct Afro-dancehall sound that interprets his cultural and ethical roots. We had an exclusive interview with the Super Star and this what he had to say.

MIZIZI: What got you into music & how long have you been in the industry?

DL: I officially started music in 2017, but my love for music and arts has always been part of me since high school. I was head of entertainment while in high school and from that I was able to start building my fanbase and music career. After high school I found my way into the entertainment industry back home in Ghana were I was a professional Choreographer and a dancer, I worked with several artists and musicians from Ghana such as Sarkodie, Zigi, Trigmatic, 5five and Richie.

I was also given an opportunity by Vodafone 020 live in Ghana to perform on the same stage with D’banj, Amber Rose, Trey Songs alongside 5Five. In 2013 I performed on Big Brother Africa in South Africa with Ghanaian Artist EL. During this period I was a record label owner (FOREVER DOUP RECORDS) and artist manager to my artist by then, In the process of managing him and being present in studio sessions with him and couple of Top Ghanaian Musicians, I gathered all the inspiration and experience which was later going to make me start my journey as an artist and a song writer in 2017. 

MIZIZI: What else would you be doing apart from music?

DL: I studied Business Accounting and probably would have been working in some Financial Institution or probably would have been a Pilot as that was something I was really aspired to be.

MIZIZI: If you were given an opportunity to open a global concert with an artist, who would it be with and why?

DL: If I were given an opportunity to open a global concert with any artist, it will definitely be with Busy Signal from Jamaica and Sarkodie from Ghana. I have always been a big Reggae Music lover and Busy Signal has always been one of my favorite artist. I watched him perform in Ghana some years back, he put on an electric performance and since then I knew I wanted to do something like that. Sarkodie’s stage performance and attitude on stage is one of the most put together art and style. 

MIZIZI: How important is collaboration in this industry?

DL: Collaborating is very important, as this leads to more Innovation, Efficient Processes, Increased Success, and Improved Communication. Music right now is very diverse and dynamic.

MIZIZI: Your new album is called Way Back Album, what song do you enjoy perfoming from this album?

DL: My favorite song to perform from my new album would be Confession.

MIZIZI: Where in Africa would you like to travel to and perform?

DL: I am obsessed with my continent Africa that I do not think I would hold back any stage in any African Country to perform.

Way Back Album

Way Back Album

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